2008-11-04 PMOD 3.0 released

張貼日期:Nov 04, 2008 12:55:5 PM

PMOD version 3.0 has been released on PMOD web site, please see the press below:

2008-10-31 Product Release 3.0

The new 3.0 product version is now available. It includes numerous improvements and new features, as documented in the release notes. Some of the notable changes are

    1. VOI: Undo function for contour VOIs.

    2. VOI: Outlining supported in all plane directions (alos in coronal and sagittal).

    3. VOI: Revised user interface which offers more image space.

    4. PKIN: Metabolite correction models are included.

    5. Database/DICOM Server: are now included in the base license.

    6. PXMOD: New models and masking functionality added.

    7. PFUS: Taskbar with hotkeys for frequent tasks added.

All users with purchased base version 2.9 or 2.95 are encouraged to freely download and use this improved release.

Note that your old license file will work.