2008-11-07 NanoSPECT/CT update

張貼日期:Nov 06, 2008 10:43:45 PM

Two issues:

issue one: Regarding the brain imaging, pinhole imaging must be done as helical SPECT. However, you may set the scan range to be as small as you like, even just a few millimeters, and acquire very focused data in that way.

issue two: I have logged in and taken a look at the CT data transfer issue. The slow CT DICOM transfer occurs when a CT is acquired at any time after the SPECT hardware has been initialized. In other words, you can collect a topogram and a CT and then as many CT scans as you want and they will all transfer quickly. However, any CT data that are collected *after* SPECT data are collected will be transferred slowly.

For example,

Topo + CT + SPECT + SPECT + SPECT --> all good transfers

Topo + CT + CT + SPECT --> all good transfers

Topo + CT + SPECT + CT --> the 2nd CT will be slow!

There is an easy work-around to this problem. If SPECT data were collected, then please restart the Nucline before collecting more CT data. This doesn't mean the whole computer has to be restarted, just the Nucline software. The restart procedure only takes about 10 seconds. Just please be sure to let Nucline finish exiting (takes about 5-7 seconds) before starting it again.

While this solution is straightforward, we understand that it is not perfect. At this time, we are still working towards a permanent solution for the problem and will let you know as soon as it is completely solved.


by Jacob jhesterman@bioscan.com

2008年11月6日 下午 11:25