PMOD 3.1 upgrade

張貼日期:May 08, 2010 1:59:27 PM


The new product version 3.1 is now available. It includes more than 130 improvements with main highlights in VOI and kinetic modeling functionalities, as documented in the Release Notes on our website. Here a selection of some notable improvements:

CAUTION: As a consequence of some improvements, kinetic modeling in the 3.1 version may return slightly different results than the prior versions. Please refer to the Release Notesfor details.

其中,Performance Assessment of PALZ Tool 也有新的文獻支持:

Haense et al. have tested the performance of the PALZ tool with data from two different databases. The study confirms the high accuracy of FDG PET with PALZ for the discrimination between Alzheimer's Dementia patients and normal controls. Furthermore it demonstrates that PALZ can be equally applied to studies with eyes open or closed during the uptake phase. Only 7 out of 464 images had to be excluded from the analysis due to a failure of the normalization procedure.